I believe design should be a force for good.

I am currently working on medical products at Elsevier.

As a User Experience lead, it's my job to probe problems with thoughtful questions and nurture ideas into well crafted impactful products.

Previously at IBM Design.Digital Shadows

Some of my projects.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. I would love to hear what you think.
A project I worked on in 2019

How might we help cyber security analysts keep their companies safe?

Designing for power users and novices.
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A project I worked on in 2017

How do we help academic researchers take better notes?

A note taking tool now in Mendeley.
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A product I made in 2018

How can technology help us live healthier and more balanced lives?

An app I built called Lifepots.
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A project I worked on in 2018

How can we give anyone with a phone access to high quality physiotherapy?

A project I worked on at Eql.ai
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Something I wrote in 2018

How do I use research to guide product and design decisions?

I wrote this whilst working at Mendeley.
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Coming soon

Helping med students become clinicians

According to a John Hopkins study, medical error could be the third leading cause of death in the US. It's thought that 30% of these errors are associated with misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

How might we help clinicians in training develop their clinical reasoning skills in a safe space so they can transition to practice with less risk?

Shot and edited by Taalib.

When I get the chance I also like making videos. Feel free to take a look:

My name is Sarah

A short concept video I made recently at Elsevier. Demonstrating the value of visual aids in learning.

Anyone can cook

When you're bored in lockdown and want to make something... this happens.
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