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Smart powered trolley

This project won a James Dyson Foundation award

This project won a James Dyson Foundation award




Medical oxygen has the power to make someone with COPD live 5 years longer and drastically improve their quality of life. Unfortunately of those prescribed medical oxygen only 22% actually use it. 


Empathy studies

This was a problem entirely outside of my own comprehension. I needed to get a feel for what life is like with COPD. I began by wearing the equipment myself and the social stigma related to using it quickly became evident. I changed how I would wear the equipment to think of the best way to minimise this. 

Doctors and patients

I then met with oxygen specialists, research doctors and COPD patients which altogether painted a clear picture of the main barriers to oxygen use. 

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Chosen concept

Medical oxygen can cost £9,000 per patient per year. Yet it costs much more in patient hospital admissions / treatment if they fail to use it properly. The existing oxygen trolley is utilitarian, cold and research highlighted it as a weak link in the patient experience. Redesigning this gave the opportunity to address the psycho-social and mobility factors that are currently barriers to adherence.


Final design

The final design solution is a smart power assisted trolley. It looks to address the mobility issues through having a setting which requires no force in use.  Utilizing cheap electronic components measuring tilt and force applied at the handle the trolley is designed to be beyond intuitive, more intrinsic. The final product is also designed with extensive user research and feedback to be more a reflection of the users personality, as opposed to the disability they have.

Below is an image of the final works like and looks like prototypes.

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Project featured on BBC and Cambridge-News

Have a quick flick through my dissertation report below to get a better understanding of my process and final design solution