Taalib Minhas


Hey, I'm Taalib!

A UX Designer and Researcher

in London.



Designing experiences

that work for people.

I have done this across many industries for clients like; BP Castrol, the Post Office, Nasa and even the CIA.

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Conducting research

and working with research teams

I have experience with qualitative, quantitative, broad base market and contextual research. I like working alongside research specialists, psychologists and data analysts, they're an interesting bunch.



Design driven

and collaborative approach to problem solving.

Working backwards from end user outcomes, aligning business and engineering on the way.

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Generating Ideas...

myself, and facilitating others to do the same.

The best ideas often don't come from designers, to see a recent workshop I ran click here



Prototyping and testing

from sketch onwards, quickly and iteratively

From cardboard mock ups to keynote, axure, Invision clickable designs for user testing. I also have experience in rapid prototyping techniques for physical products, such as 3d printing, CNC machining, model making etc...



Polished design

with experience across digital and physical products

I've worked with front end, back end, AEM, Android and iOS developers. I've taken products through the manufacturing process having done all the engineering myself, but would usually work with a team dedicated to this.



I am currently looking for a new role!

Back from a three month trip travelling through Asia. Well rested and ready to get stuck into a new project, if you need someone with my skills get in touch:





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